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Jeremih Reportedly Arrested For Trying to Sneak Onto a Plane

Jeremih Arrested Boarding Flight Newark

Tally up all of the vibrant successes of his recorded work, as well as the bizarre legal problems he’s faced and its clear that Chicago R&B artist Jeremih has had something of a strange year. Though he’s not facing further Fuddruckers-related troubles, Friday night prompted yet another strange tussle with law enforcement at a Newark, New Jersey airport.

According to reports from, the “Don’t Tell ‘Em” singer and members of his crew were booked on a US Airways flight to Phoenix and were on their way to Fresno, California for the B95 Fresno Holiday Jam. Things didn’t quite go as planned. After arriving late to the flight, Jeremih attempted to board the plane anyway, despite warnings that the the plane was boarded and ready for departure. One of Jeremih’s traveling companions then allegedly attempted to pry open the jetway doors in an attempt to let the singer aboard.

TMZ offers an alternate account, alleging that Jeremih himself attempted to pry the doors open, but the New York Daily News seems to suggest that the singer was actually able to sneak onto the plane before flight crew noticed and contacted authorities.

However it went down, it is clear that Jeremih, musician Adam Woods, and security personnel Dontate Cunningham were all arrested by Port Authority police and charged with Disorderly Conduct, obstruction of the administration of law, and defiant trespass, respectively.