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Hulk Hogan is Training RiFF RAFF to Be a WWE Wrestler

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Hulk Hogan is going neon. If those words don’t inspire some unknowable sense of awe and dread deep down inside you, then let us explain a little better. Neon Icon rapper RiFF RAFF is trying to become a professional wrestler, and he’s enlisted the help of 12-time World Champion and Rocky III star Hogan to help him beef up. (His goal is a bulky 240 pounds.)

Hogan sounds excited about helping RiFF RAFF fulfill his dream of getting the crap beaten out of him in the ring, and the two have shared various videos of Hulk spouting words of encouragement and advice. Or, at least, that’s what we think they are? To be totally honest, most of what he’s saying is utterly incompressible, but here’s hoping that RiFF RAFF is able to learn from it. Maybe Sam Smith will think twice before cropping him out of next year’s VMA photo.