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Feast on Howardian’s Fuzz-Rock Blast ‘Be Fruitful’

Howardian, Be Fruitful

True story: Nobody in the history of North America has ever said no to two minutes of lo-fi, high-energy, distortion-soaked garage rock. That’s what Howardian, solo side project of Japanther co-founder Ian Vanek, has provided here with the delectable “Be Fruitful,” the first blast from the upcoming Land of the Low Tides LP. The album is Vanek’s first full-length as Howardian, and if it’s all this sweetly scuzzy, it’ll be one to keep an eye on for in the New Year.”You can’t fuck with the child of reggae” states Vanek, matter-of-factly, in the verse. Duly noted.

Listen below, and check out Land of the Low Tides, out on Bufu Records (and Japanther’s own Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt) on January 13.