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Gwen Stefani Parties With Emoji in ‘Spark the Fire’ Video

gwen stefani, spark the fire, music video

Gwen Stefani floats into an animated, emoji-strewn world in the eye-popping new visuals for her recently leaked solo track, “Spark the Fire.” Coming on the heels of commercial disappointment, “Baby Don’t Lie,” her new video showcases a slew of cartoonish-looking emoji that don’t yet exist, but should. How fun would it be to trade animated Pharrells back and forth with your friends?

All that said, Stefani kicks back in fighting form in the “Spark” video, which doubles as promotion for an Italian car company, something we’re willing to let slide because it looks like the singer is having a blast no matter how sponsored her content is. The No Doubt frontwoman also performed the track with Pharrell’s help on last night’s episode of The Voice; we’re adding Gwen’s cloud-stamped onesie to our holiday wishlist. Stream it below.