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D’Angelo’s ‘Voodoo’ Sequel Will Allegedly Be Called ‘Black Messiah’

d'angelo, black messiah, voodoo

Update: A photo of the purported physical CD has spread on Twitter, suggesting that the album will be released on December 16 (next Tuesday). D’angelo’s management company also shared the ‘Black Messiah’ trailer on their website. See more below (h/t Stereogum)

Nearly 15 years ago, D’Angelo released his groundbreaking R&B album, Voodoo, and promptly fell off the scene save for the occasional lecture, song tease, and festival appearance along the way. Now, the soul crooner seems like he’ll finally release his long-awaited follow-up, if a brief teaser for a project called Black Messiah is to be believed. The trailer popped up on Reddit late last night and all signs seem to point to it being the product of D’Angelo’s labors with Roots drummer ?uestlove over the past several years. Stream it above and cross your fingers.