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Dan Deacon Has a Bizarre New Video and a Name For His Forthcoming Album

Dan Deacon, New Album, New Son, Feel the Lightning

Delightfully absurd electronic composer Dan Deacon recently announced an upcoming album, which now has a name, release date, and lead single. Gliss Riffer promises to be a “return to a simpler way of writing and recording,” according to a press release, which also explains that Deacon is harkening back to 2007’s Spiderman of the Rings, as opposed to his more recent ensemble records (2009’s Bromst and 2012’s America).

The 33-year-old also shared “Feel the Lightning,” the first new track off the record. It’s a dreamy and charged melody, with all of Deacon’s typical layering and some surprising vocals. And that female voice? It, like all of the vocals, were provided by Deacon.

The accompanying video is wonderfully weird; the song’s energy somehow imbues a humble living room with life once a resident leaves for work. Whimsical figures parade around the room, and two chairs start having vigorous sex …as chairs are wont to do. Watch it above, and pick up Gliss Riffer on February 24.