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Connect Sessions — Intimate Progressive

To get inside the creative work of Melissa Matos, it’s important to note that her focus of study at Concordia University in her hometown of Montreal was the interaction of textiles and technology. From the artistic get-go, Matos was breaking disciplinary boundaries, and imbuing her productions with the aesthetics of intimacy. It’s one reason why TRUSST, the studio she founded and which she operates with the help of an ever-changing team of creatives, is as comfortable making sculptures and multi-media installations, as they are designing and staging fashion shows or concert visuals. The thread running through TRUSST’s work that also makes her an ideal contributor to the Connect Sessions powered by Microsoft, is the comfort of collaborative compromise. Don’t misunderstand: Matos doesn’t acquiesce her creative vision, but she’s flexible when it comes to choosing the tools and the means that will make that vision come alive.