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Connect Sessions Ep. 9 — Collaborating 101

How to Dress Well, microsoft, connect sessions, spin

The successful engagement of natural, distinctly separate creative energies — swirling, combining, editing and balancing one another — is at the heart of any great collaboration. But getting there means honestly assessing each other’s strengths, and knowing how to best take advantage of them. Because Tom Krell, of the electronic soul project How to Dress Well, and Melissa Matos, the director of the creative studio TRUSST, are long-term collaborators, they’ve already established their work patterns. The pair’s audio-visual project for the Connect Sessions powered by Microsoft is simply the latest, greatest iteration of their partnership. Summing up the way he works with others, Krell intones that, “it’s got to be all or nothing.” That is the core truth.

Video directed by Braden King