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Stream Canopies’ Genre-Spanning, Interstellar ‘Maximize Your Faith’

The Milwaukee band's excellent debut album drops December 9

Milwaukee-based synth-pop outfit Canopies will issue their cosmic debut album, Maximize Your Faith, on December 9 via Forged Artifacts, and the breadth of genres that the group traverses on the record is enough to fill a microcosm of its own. Blasting off on the opening jam “Getting Older,” the band filters Tame Impala’s psychedelia through sugary keyboard hooks and echoing vocals. Warped guitar licks and a thumping bassline further the driving momentum on “New Memories,” while “The Year of Jubilee” — with its Mothersbaugh-esque loops and electronic hums — evokes the quintet’s idyllic dream of floating through the stars. Stream Maximize Your Faith below, and pre-order the album here.