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See All 47 Jumpsuits Andre 3000 Wore During the Outkast Reunion Tour

andre 3000, jumpsuit, outkast

Last summer, during Outkast‘s reunion tour, André 3000 wore a different jumpsuit every night, each one splashed with such phrases as “I Love Old People” and “Which Type of Stereo Are You?” Now, Outkast and fashion obsessives alike will be excited to learn that all 47 of said jumpsuits are on display as part of Art Basel Miami Beach. Now, it’s obviously a bummer that we don’t live closer, and therefore can’t witness this sartorial spectacle in the fabric, so we’ll just have to go ahead and rank our top five. 

Showcased at the Savannah College of Art and Design’s pop-up at Mana Miami, the exhibit indeed features every single one of the rapper’s tour outfits, and every slogan. Pigeons and Planes have compiled a slideshow containing photos if the show, which apparently André himself showed up for. See the entire jumpsuit lineup at Pigeons and Planes, and see our top five jumpsuits, ranked below. 

5. “I’ve never had F@cebook, Twitt@r, or @Inst@gram”

4. “Have you stopped growing?”

3. “Make love like war”

2. “I love you… Plural”

1. “I just wanna sleep” (From your jumpsuit to God’s ears, André.)