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Stream A.G. Cook’s Tweaked-Out New Single, ‘What I Mean’

A.G. Cook, PC Music, What I Mean

A.G. Cook, the 24-year-old founder of the PC Music label/collective, has unleashed another oddball dance-pop song for your enjoyment (or confusion). Titled “What I Mean,” the organ-laced, computerized cut debuted via BBC 1 personality Annie Mac’s Free Music Mondays series, and it’s everything we’ve grown to expect from the decoy-favoring British crew. 

Opening with muffled conversation samples and slap-happy synths, “What I Mean” evolves into a bonkers mish-mash of dance-floor-ready electronic beats, “ooh”-ing half-human, half-robot vocals, and a few childlike chants of “What I mean!,” lest anybody forget what the song’s title is. Hear it below.