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Stream Adventures’ Delectable ‘Your Sweetness’

adventures, your sweetness

The number of bands using the alternative rock of 20 years ago and the emo of 15 years ago as their sonic blueprint keeps expanding, but new outfit Adventures, hailing from Pittsburgh instant My So-Called Life cred there are clear standouts from the fray.

The twisting guitars and gorgeously intertwining vocals from co-singers Reba Meyers and Kimi Hanauer on new track “Your Sweetness” hit all the right Buzz Bin-era spots, with immaculate songcraft and piercing lyrics (“The way things start always feel so inviting / Growth brings out the worst in me”) to match their post-grunge predecessors. Like this year’s underground breakout act Chumped, Adventures recall a half-dozen classic ’90s acts of yore while still forging a lane very much their own in the ’10s. 

Listen to “Your Sweetness” below, and be on the look out for the band’s upcoming debut album, Supersonic Home, when it comes out February 17 on Run for Cover Records.