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Watch the Abigails’ Surreally Southwestern Video for ’29’

Abigails, 29

Pulled from their second album Tundra, the Abigails’ “29” is an unsettling country-rock blend of Johnny Cash, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Danzig, with singer Warren Thomas detailing his lifelong wanderlust in thundering baritone as he sings, “I fucked a million daughters by the age of 29.” The song’s brand-new video is even more disquieting, with lip-synching mouths pasted over framed portraits, Clutch Cargo-style, juxtaposed against backdrops of southwestern vistas, beef chili commercials and ’70s gearhead flicks. It’s more discomfiting for its familiar imagery, like a lost sequence from David Byrne’s True Stories.

Watch the video above, and be sure to check out the Abigails’ Tundra on Burger Records.