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Watch Walking Shapes Stun With ‘In The Wake’ at CMJ 2014

walking shapes, in the wake

Earlier this year, Brooklyn’s Walking Shapes took over the No Shame label showcase at CMJ. While there, the five-piece delivered a thrilling performance of “In the Wake,” a pop-rock highlight from their sophomore album, this year’s Taka Come On. Luckily, we’ve snagged some footage of the show — watch Walking Shapes dive “In the Wake” above, and read what frontman Nathaniel Hoho has to say about the track below:

“In The Wake” came about from witnessing an abuse of power. Be it emotional, physical, mental, political, pharmaceutical, or otherwise this exists everywhere around us day to day.The lyrics for this song were sketched while dealing with weaknesses of my own at a particular time in my life. I now feel stronger for living out those experiences. To feel so strongly about something, anything, that you become lost and nothing else matters… that’s truly living.