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Stuyvesant, ‘Shmyvesant’: Hoboken Punk Vets Go Hard on New Album


After blasting us with jangly guitar riffs and harmonized croons on last week’s SPIN Singles Mix, Hoboken’s Stuyvesant proves on its third LP, Shmyvesant, that even with the suburban mall-ification of the Vans Warped Tour, down-to-earth, old-school pop-punk is still spry and kicking.

Comprised of former Jersey City/Hoboken ’90s band members and a local drum shop owner, Maxwell’s vets Ralph Malanga (Footstone), Sean Adams and Brian Musikoff (Friends, Romans, Countrymen), and Peter Martinez blaze through the album’s twelve tracks with three-chord vigor. Double-denim flashbacks may follow from Gin Blossoms’-esque power-pop fuzz (“Until You Came Around,” “Silent Treatment”), third-wave ska horn breaks (“3AM,” “Alright”), and Michael Stipe-esque vocals (“Grant’s Tomb”). And yes, the guys still break out the occasional shredding guitar solo.

Listen to Shmyvesant below, and purchase a copy here come November 25.