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Fugazi Are Streaming Their ‘First Demo’

They recorded the demo 26 years ago after having played just ten shows

Fugazi, at this point nearly 30-year veterans of the post-hardcore scene, are streaming their first ever demo tape, fittingly named First Demo. The D.C. band announced the 11-song album of lost songs in September, and now the whole album is up on SoundCloud ahead of the November 18 release date.

While “In Defense of Humans” appeared on the band’s 1989 State of the Union compilation, and they shared the early cut of “Merchandise” last month, most of the versions on First Demo haven’t been heard before. (A few of the other songs they recorded 26-years-ago at Virginia’s Inner Ear Studio were circulated on cassette tapes in the late 80’s, but this is the first time they’ve been so widely available.)

Stream the whole thing below, and here’s the track list so you know what you’re in for.  

Fugazi, First Demo track list:
1. “Waiting Room”
2. “Merchandise”
3. “Furniture”
4. “Song #1″
5. “The Word”
6. “Bad Mouth”
7. “Break-In”
8. “Turn Off Your Guns”
9. “And the Same”
10. “In Defense of Humans”
11. “Joe #1″