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Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice Soundtrack the Saddest Meet-Cute Ever in ‘Song One’

Anne Hathaway, Johnny Flynn, Jenny Lewis, Johnathan Rice

Bust out the tissues: Anne Hathaway and Johnny Flynn are starring in a poignant-looking film called Song One, which is the directorial debut of Kate Barker-Froyland and features original songs written by Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice (who used to perform under the name Jenny and Johnny).

“Set against the backdrop of Brooklyn’s vibrant modern-folk music scene” according to a press release (oy), Hathaway plays an anthropologist who comes home to New York City after her musician-brother falls into a coma after a car accident. A grief-stricken Hathaway then proceeds to explore certain NYC haunts she knows her brother likes, and in the process meets the very cute Johnny Flynn, a floppy-haired white knight who also happens to be Hathaway’s brother’s favorite singer. Oh, and he performs the aforementioned songs written by Jenny and Johnny. Despite the ultra-depressing Nick & Norah-esque plotline, that all sounds pretty swell. 

Watch the trailer above, and look out for Song One when it hits theaters on January 23.