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Sleigh Bells and Tink Tear the Roof Off New Single ‘That Did It’

Tink, Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells and Tink have joined forces on an energetic new track called “That Did It,” and we honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it wound up on everyone’s “Going Out Till God Knows When” playlist. Parsed together from an unused Sleigh Bells recording — originally known as “Infinite Power” — that was “just sitting around” on Derek Miller’s hard drive, the collaboration came to fruition after the noise-pop duo met the Chicago singer/rapper at the Red Bull Sound Select showcase at SXSW ’14.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Miller described the serendipitous way the song’s title came about: “We were getting [Tink’s] monitor levels set up, and she was asking for more vocal as the track was playing, and she said, ‘Oh, that did it. That did it.'” We smell a new hashtag in the making. Stream “That Did It” below.