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Sir Mix-A-Lot Says ‘Baby Got Back’ Is About Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

If anyone appreciates a nice tush, it’s Sir Mix-A-Lot. We already know he approves of Nicki Minaj‘s, so it only makes sense that TMZ would ambush him with questions about whether or not Kim Kardashian’s recent, um, “spread” with Paper Magazine gets him “sprung.”

During their chat, Mix-A-Lot (born Anthony Ray) divulged that obviously he’s a fan of Kardashian’s “work,” but the number one butt in Ray’s life is still Jennifer Lopez’s, who, upon appearing as a “Fly Girl” in In Living Color, became the inspiration for “Baby Got Back.” Oh good, because we always wondered, but how has it taken 22 years for this information to surface? We just wonder if Mix-A-Lot was the reciprocal inspiration behind J Lo’s recent “Booty” video.