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Run the Jewels Bait Mark Kozelek With ‘Suck My Dick, Sun Kil Moon’ Chant

Run the Jewels Sun Kil Moon Fun Fun Fun Fest Video

Mark Kozelek’s spat with the War on Drugs may have finally crawled to a close, but it looks like the firebrands in Run the Jewels might be trying to rile him back up. In a situation reminiscent of the initial set interruption that set Kozelek off in the first place, El-P took a moment out of the rap duo’s set (which overlapped with Kozelek’s on another stage) to outline his own feelings on the notoriously prickly indie rocker. Though noting that he is a fan of Kozelek’s records, the rapper/producer alleged that he ran into the Benji singer backstage and attempted to defuse the situation in advance.

“So I introduced myself and said, ‘Hey, I’m a fan. We’re the guys that are going to be interrupting your set today with how fucking loud our crowd is,'” El-P chuckled. “And he said, ‘What’s your name?’ And I said, ‘Run The Jewels,’ and, I swear to God, he said, ‘Suck my dick, Run The Jewels.’ And I said, ‘Suck my dick, Sun Kil Moon.”

Naturally, El-P then prompted the crowd to chant “suck my dick, Sun Kil Moon,” in hopes that Kozelek might hear. But despite the goading, according to The Austin Chronicle, Kozelek didn’t offer any specific response during his set other than to reference the initial War on Drugs incident. “What’s the name of that fucking band playing?” He asked. “Just kidding, whatever you’re called. I love you guys.” You can watch video of the Run the Jewels chant above, via Consequence of Sound.