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Stream Paperwhite’s Blissful New Synth-Pop EP ‘Magic’

Paperwhite, Magic EP

It’s never a bad time for a 20-minute blast of lush, breathy, and supremely tuneful synth-pop, and that’s what New York brother-sister duo Paperwhite have delivered with their debut EP, Magic. There’s nothing particularly new or earth-shattering in the six songs contained here, but the lack of innovation is easily made up for with the surfeit of bubbling hooks, the impossibly airy and pristine production, and the walloping rush of the choruses. If you’re the sort of person that thinks that Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love” was the pinnacle of ’80s pop music — which it kinda was — you’re going to love this EP.

Listen to the whole thing below, and float away your Friday on those billowy dream-pop clouds.