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Listen to Monster Rally and Jay Stone’s Woozy, Tongue-Twisting ‘Recollection’

Monster Rally, Jay Stone, Recollection Premiere

The upcoming Foreign Pedestrians is the first full-length collaboration between Los Angeles producer Monster Rally and Oakland MC Jay Stone, but it shouldn’t be the last. The two are already locked into the groove it takes most DJ/rapper combos years to achieve, as brilliantly exemplified by “Recollection,” the album’s first single.

The two-minute song is a seamless mashing of Rally’s woozy, sun-baked jazz-soul with Stone’s rapid fire rhymes. The latter even makes Blackalicious take a step back with bursting-at-the-seams couplets like “Broke down the door cause them bitches wouldn’t let us in / Killed a bigot’s son with expired epinephrine pen.” The Bay Area spitter also works in a whole bunch of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it references (Charlie Brown getting high in a pumpkin patch, the bad chemistry on the ’04 Lakers), though it might take you a couple listens to internalize them all.

Listen below, and look out for the duo’s excellent debut LP Foreign Pedestrians, out Jan. 27 on Gold Robot.