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Watch a Young MF Doom Testify Before the U.S. Senate in 1991

Zev Love X

Did you vote today? You should know that MF Doom would be proud if you did. In honor of today’s election, Rappcats has posted a video of a 19-year-old MF Doom, then known as Zev Love X, speaking before a room full of U.S. senators on behalf of Rock the Vote. This was in 1991, when Rock the Vote was actively encouraging the passage of the Motor Voter Bill (a law expanding voters’ rights to someone who applies for or renews a driver’s license). The law was initially vetoed by President Bush, Sr., but was eventually signed into law by President Clinton on May 20, 1993. 

OK, so now that we got the political gobbledygook out of the way, let’s please focus on the fact that Doom was once 19 and called himself Zev. “My name is Zev Love X… Zev, for short,” he told the Senate, while testifying alongside KMD’s Onyx and Rock the Vote co-founder Steve Barr. Check out what can be called the only reason to watch vintage C-SPAN above.