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Metronomy Bring Leaf Piles to Life in Autumnal Video for ‘The Upsetter’


Just because you reside in the woods doesn’t mean you lose the need for human contact. In Metronomy‘s new “The Upsetter” video, a bearded lady — who appears to be a permanent woods-dweller — finds her match in, well, we’re not exactly sure what he is. All we know for sure is that the lady, who looks like a hairier version of Jodie Foster in Nell, has a woodland meet-cute when she notices a person-shaped pile of leaves on the ground. After holding hands with and straddling her new suitor, the leaf pile develops eyes and comes to life to return her affection, as many leaf piles do.

Directed by trio Encyclopedia Pictura, who have also helmed clips for Grizzly Bear (“Knife”) and Björk (“Wanderlust”), “The Upsetter” gives the viewer the same kind of butterflies-in-stomach feelings after watching other unlikely love stories between inanimate protagonists (think Daft Punk’s “Instant Crush”).

Shed a few tears over “The Upsetter” via Dazed, and hear Metronomy’s latest effort, Love Letters, on iTunes now.