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Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars Stroll Carefree in Their Retro ‘Uptown Funk’ Video

Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk, video

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars don their finest Miami Vice suits while they strut down city streets in their new “Uptown Funk” video. Mars and his posse dance through the streets like a carefree gang (think Sharks vs. Jets, only they’re dressed too nicely to be threatening, and at one point they hustle into a barber shop to get fancy perms). “Funk” is the first single off of Ronson’s upcoming fourth studio album, Uptown Special, which is set for a January 27 release. Next up for the producer is a stop on Saturday Night Live this weekend to try to top Kendrick Lamar’s bombastic performance. Good luck, and bring all the funk you’ve got.