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Mac DeMarco Performs ‘Still Together,’ Gets Tortured on ‘The Eric Andre Show’

Mac DeMarco Attacked Still Together 2 Eric Andre Show

The closest thing Mac DeMarco has to a kindred spirit in the TV world might be Adult Swim‘s resident late night weirdo Eric André, so the guitar-pop provocateur‘s appearance on the latter’s Eric André Show earlier this week seems on paper a match made in heaven. In practice, things naturally got a little strange. All of André’s musical guests over time have something odd to deal with, but after the Salad Days singer and his band launched into “Still Together” from 2012’s charming 2, he got the worst of it. André announces that it’s “time for Attack DeMarco” at which point a group of samurai ran from back stage and began choking and beating him with sticks before repeatedly shoving his face into a nude man’s unmentionables. You can watch the whole clip above via Stereogum.