Lorde Intensifies ‘Tonight Show’ With ‘Yellow Flicker Beat’ Performance

Lorde, Hunger Games, Tonight Show, Fallon, Yellow Flicker Beat

Lorde appeared on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night to perform her fiery Hunger Games soundtrack cut, “Yellow Flicker Beat.” She took the darkened stage wearing a jacket, which she quickly shed once the song got real. It’s not clear if that was the plan from the start, or taking the layer off was an audible because the track was just too intense. Fallon was thrilled, as he and Lorde have a nice little history — the kiwi made her American television debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon when she played “Royals” in October of last year.

During an interview later in the show, Lorde talked about her friendship with Taylor Swift, and the time they went to the celebrated New York City burger joint Shake Shack to get some “thick-ass milkshakes,” as she put it. She also talked about the surprise success of her breakout hit “Royals,” and how her friends embarrass her when they’re in public. Watch “Yellow Flicker Beat” above, and the interviews below. 


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