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Kendrick Lamar Giddily Freestyles Atop Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’

Taylor also posted a video of herself rapping "Backseat Freestyle"

Early this morning, Taylor Swift posted an Instagram video celebrating her record-breaking 1989 sales figures, during which she raps along to Kendrick Lamar’s hard-as-nails “Backseat Freestyle.” In response, Kendrick visited a morning radio show and hopped on a bootleg version of the “Shake It Off’ instrumental to try his hand at freestyling on the pop anthem.

“I gotta go hard,” K-Dot says sheepishly before the song kicks in, and believe us, he doesn’t hold back. “Dede, she called me cute / I walked in the building and said ‘look, she got on boots’ / She got on earrings / Maybe baby girl got on hoops” he raps, name-checking the show’s host and dishing out a compliment in the same breath. It’s a pretty absurd freestyle that’s got to be heard to believe. Check out T-Swift’s nod to Kendrick, and the rapper’s bonkers response, below.