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So, Justin Bieber Is Wanted in an Argentine Court

Justin Bieber, Summoned, Argentina Court, Assault

Justin Bieber, having recently avoided a lifetime ban from Dave and Busters, has been summoned to court in Argentina over an assault accusation. The Guardian reports that the embattled singer was in a Buenos Aires nightclub in November of last year when photographer Diego Pesoa attempted to take a picture of him. Pesoa alleges that the “Baby” singer’s bodyguards chased him down and attacked him, leading to the photographer’s hospitalization.

Now an Argentinian magistrate wants justice. No charges have been filed yet, but Bieber could face up to a year in prison if found guilty. Bieber has 60 days to submit his personal testimony, and the Argentinian government is seeking help from Interpol to get him to show up. If he doesn’t, magistrate Facundo Cubas has said he’ll issue an international arrest warrant, which seems like the natural conclusion of the Bieber saga. The White House may have thrown out a pettition to exile him from the country, but will they really defend him if another country wants to arrest him?