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Julian Casablancas Wants Daft Punk To Release Their Second, ‘Really Weird’ Collaboration

julian casablancas, daft punk

Last year, Daft Punk teamed up with Julian Casablancas for Random Access Memories“Instant Crush,” but the former Strokes singer now says they recorded another, unreleased track that’s much weirder than their unsettling new-wave tune. In a Revolt TV segment with his new band the Voidz, Casablancas said he’d like music’s most famous robots to release the other song they worked on, offering up an intriguing description:

It’s cool, weird. It’s definitely not one tenth as populicious as “Instant Crush,” but it’s just really weird. It’s like a song that just goes up. It’s like four half-steps up, moving as that on cycle, on repeat. And it’s super bizarre. And it sounds like jazz modern weird. It’s weirder than any song on the record that I know of.

You can watch the Revolt segment above, and hear Casablancas talk about the Voidz’s 11-minute long music video. In any case, we’re glad Casablancas can be excited about music again now that this whole brunch snafu is well behind him.