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From Indian Lakes Go Diving Through Memories in ‘Am I Alive’ Video

From Indian Lakes, Music Video, Am I Alive

In From Indian Lakes’ new video for “Am I Alive,” lead singer Joey Vannucchi spends a dangerous amount of time living underwater, revisiting the memories of a past relationship. He sits on an armchair in a makeshift, submerged living room, the air bubbles gurgling from his mouth as he sings, “I’m holding out my hand to you / But you slip right through my fingers.” Late in the video, Vannucchi’s bandmates dive in from the open air to rescue him and pull him out of his messy memory dive. It’s quite the trip.

Last month, the bubbly band released their new album, Absent Sounds, via Triple Crown Records. Grab it on iTunes, and stream the “Am I Alive” video above.