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Gary Calamar Can’t Get Enough Mid-Century Girls in New Video

Gary Calamar

Gary Calamar is decidedly more well-known inside the music industry than out: The behind-the-scenes guru is a five-time Grammy-nominated TV and film music supervisor (he’s soundtracked HBO’s True Blood and Six Feet Under), he’s a DJ at Los Angeles’ KCRW, and he co-authored the record store culture handbook Record Store Days. What people might not realize, however, is that Calamar is a singer/songwriter in his own right, specializing in backward-looking psych-rock for post-millennium listeners.

Calamar’s also a sucker for those mid-century girls (a.k.a. a prototypical manic pixie dream-type bombshell), a concept his newest video explores a bit more in depth. Piecing together vintage clips of lengendary beauties like Ann-Margaret, Grace Kelly, and Bridgit Bardot, Calamar paints a vision of his mid-century dream girl, a “stone-cold mystery” who just so happens to devour Jack Kerouac and smoke Virginia Slim cigarettes. Well, you gotta give Calamar credit: The man knows what he wants. 

Watch Calamar’s “She’s So Mid-Century” above, and find his You Are What You Listen To EP on iTunes