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Frank Ocean Releases New Track ‘Memrise’ on Tumblr

Frank Ocean, Memrise

Happy Thanksgiving, Oceanographers. (That is what Frank Ocean fans are called, right?) Early Friday morning, Ocean presumably woke up from his turkey-and-stuffing mini-coma to post “Memrise,” his first publicly released new solo track of 2014, to his Tumblr, along with the song’s lyrics.

The woozy, sung-spoke two-minute track will hardly serve to satiate fans desperate for another “Novacane” or “Thinkin Bout You” — “Memrise” is far closer in nature to one of the Channel Orange interlude cuts than anything with lead single potential — but for fans just looking for some kind of proof-of-life transmission from the mostly radio-silent singer in 2014, it’ll do for now.

Listen below, and hope that this sets a precedent of Frank releasing new music after every American holiday. We may have a couple more of those coming up soon-ish.

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