Foo Fighters Finally Stream ‘Sonic Highways’ in Full

Foo Fighters Sonic Highways Full Album Stream

You’ve followed the country-spanning recording process, hung onto every tantalizing snippet the band shared across their social media accounts, streamed the singles, watched the first few episodes of the TV show, and now Foo Fighters’ eighth studio album is finally here in full. After sharing the latest two singles and the Austin episode of their HBO show Sonic Highways, the Foos offered up a stream of their new LP of the same name over at iTunes this morning. Over half of the eight-track album has been release at this point, but Dave Grohl and his crew still manage to sneak a handful of surprises into what hasn’t yet been revealed.

Sonic Highways was recorded across the country in a handful of iconic recording studios with the likes of Steve Albini, Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen, and a whole host of other co-conspirators. The LP hits stores on Monday, November 10, and the show is only halfway through it’s run of episodes, but you can stream the whole thing now over iTunes Radio.


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