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Esme Patterson Rebuffs the Beach Boys in ‘The Glow’ Video

Esme Patterson

Denver singer/songwriter and former Paper Bird member Esmé Patterson recently released a solo EP titled Woman To Woman, in which she serves as a mirror for all of the forgotten women portrayed in a handful of beloved pop songs, including the Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby” and Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.” In “The Glow,” Patterson portrays Caroline from the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds plea “Caroline, No,” wherein a radical haircut represents the gulf between two estranged lovers.  (“Where did your long hair go / Where is the girl I used to know / How could you lose that happy glow / Oh, Caroline no.”)

Patterson’s response, a wistful, Americana folk tune, now has an accompanying video in which “Caroline”‘s boyfriend arrives home at 5:30 a.m., presumably with another (we assume long-haired) woman. (As Dan Savage would say, DTMFA!) To cope, the shorn but still breathtaking Caroline spends the next day wandering around a zoo, where she dolefully watches the caged animals. Watch the video above.