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Earl Sweatshirt Raises the Bar (Briefly) on New Track ’45’

Just-over-a-minute song may or may not have been produced by Alchemist

Here’s something good to start your Thursday: Earl Sweatshirt has just dropped a new track called “45.” The little-over-a-minute cut came via YouTube, after Sweatshirt tweeted out a link to the video, along with the words “ALCHEMIST / SWAMPMAN.”

OK, so does this mean that “45” was produced by Alchemist? Will a longer track surface in the (odd) future? We can’t take the ambiguity. What we can divulge, however, is a description of the super-sparse track, which has Sweatshirt agressively telling his audience what’s what. “They keep an eye on me, I am not a child artist / I raise the bar and hit a chin-up for a while on it.”

Check out “45” above.