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Die Antwoord’s Disturbing ‘Ugly Boy’ Video Is Shockingly Cameo-Filled

Die Antwoord, Music Video, Ugly Boy

The creepy South African rap collective Die Antwoord have just released a terrifying music video for their Donker Mag cut “Ugly Boy.” Be warned: While it is filled with notable celebrity cameos, it’s also stuffed with disturbing and insane imagery.

Marilyn Manson, Dita Von Teese, Jack Black, The ATL twins, Cara Delevingne, and Flea all make appearances, with Manson more or less playing himself while Black bosts a gnarly facial scar and smokes a cigar. Die Antwoord’s odd members take on various roles during the video, but for the most part, Yolandi Vi$$er plays a freaky, black-eyed angel type-thing, while Ninja’s just a blood-covered boxer who appears to have just had the bejeezus knocked out of him. Not a single part of it makes a lick of sense, but watch it above.