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Deerhoof’s ‘Exit Only’ Video is a Table-Flipping Good Time


Deerhoof‘s “Exit Only” video can only be described in one word: bananas. The just-released clip, which is taken from La Isla Bonita, stars Boardwalk Empire actor Michael Shannon, who plays two characters sitting across from each other at a dingy table. Simply by playing the art-punk project’s track through headphones, one Shannon casts some kind of deeply painful Cruciatus Curse on the other, who starts losing teeth and developing frostbite in one arm. (What was it Gloria Estefan once said? The rhythm is gonna get you?) Anyway, the newly toothless Shannon eventually keels over, and Deerhoof guitarist Ed Rodriguez comes crashing through the wall to save the still-standing Shannon. Um… good? 

Watch the Vice Cooler-directed cut above.