Dave Grohl Shares Expletive-Filled Opinion on Taylor Swift Leaving Spotify

Dave Grohl

Now that Taylor Swift has made the decision to yank her entire catalog from Spotify, other prominent musicians have started to weigh in on how they feel about streaming versus flat-out buying records. Dave Grohl added his two cents in an interview with Digital Spy, saying, “Me personally? I don’t fucking care. That’s just me, because I’m playing two nights at Wembley next summer. I want people to hear our music, I don’t care if you pay $1 or fucking $20 for it, just listen to the fucking song. But I can understand how other people would object to that.” 

Grohl continued, focusing on the importance of seeing a band play live:

“You want people to fucking listen to your music? Give them your music. And then go play a show. They like hearing your music? They’ll go see a show. To me it’s that simple, and I think it used to work that way. When we were young and in really noisy, crappy punk rock bands there was no career opportunity and we loved doing it and people loved fucking watching it and the delivery was completely face to face and personal. That’s what got people really excited about shit. Nowadays there’s so much focus on technology that it doesn’t really matter.”

Well, there you have it. Dave Grohl, everybody.


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