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Charli XCX Dreams of ‘Gold Coins’ on Bold New ‘Sucker’ Cut

Charli xcx, gold coins, sucker

To help ease the wait for Charli XCX’s sophomore album — coming out December 16 — the rising star shared the fourth song from the increasingly punk-pop sounding Sucker. Much like “London Queen” before it, “Gold Coins” is bold, carried by a gnarly guitar riff. Charli lyrically wishes for the rich life, imagining gold coins and cash everywhere (and really, who doesn’t)? The new track is slower than dance floor sensations “Boom Clap” and “Break the Rules,” but demonstrates the young singer’s confidence — the type of musical moxie that should take the new album far. Who knows, maybe she’ll earn those gold coins she’s dreaming of? Listen to it below.