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Chance the Rapper Shares a Taste of His ‘Sunday Candy’

chance the rapper, surf, sunday candy

Late last night, Chance the Rapper teased his upcoming album Surf with his band the Social Experiment in a song called “Sunday Candy.” Billed to Donnie Trumpet (really Nico Segal), the track also features the Acid Rap wunderkind (duh), Peter Cottontale, Nate Fox, and guest vocals from Jamila Woods, who guides the chorus down a gospel-flecked road.

“Sunday” is a horn-heavy track that verges on trappy, with slick, sing-song Chance rhymes like “I come to Christmas for dinner / Fifty rolls on my plate / Hella holes in my stocking / Holding your pockets in place.” Stream it below, and keep your eyes peeled for Surf which, knowing the Chicago rapper, could feasibly drop any day.