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Calvin Harris Pretty Much Confirms a New Rihanna Album is Coming

Calvin Harris, Rihanna

Rumors have been flying about a possible new Rihanna record (because, well, it’s been two years and quite frankly, she owes us). Now, in a new interview with the U.K.’s KISS FM, “We Found Love” producer Calvin Harris has more or less confirmed that something is on the way.  

On whether or not he got a call to collaborate with the “Diamonds” singer again, Harris said, “I speak to her manager all the time, because I know him quite well. But because I was finishing this record [Motion], and I think her album’s due, like, really soon, I don’t have time. But I did one [track], and Tinashe wrote the topline, and I did all the music and I love it. But I don’t think [Rihanna] was into it.” No time to work on a Rihanna record? Such luxuries must be nice. Watch the clip above.