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Ariana Grande Locks the Weeknd in a Basement for ‘Love Me Harder’ Video

Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Love Me Harder, Music Video

In Ariana Grande’s new video for her My Everything cut, “Love Me Harder,” the singer pouts and prowls through a sandy drawing room as she slowly turns into a human cat. As the video progresses, Grande takes to all fours and stalks around the room like a feline, complete with a pair of pointy black ears on her head. Are the visuals meant to symbolize how the male gaze can reduce the female form to little more than a sexualized being? Does Grande just really like cats and giant litter boxes? Only time will tell.

For his part, the Weeknd does his best to emote with his face as he sits sullenly in a room slowly filling with sand, but we’d be grumpy too if Ariana Grande locked us in her basement. Watch the video above.