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Angel Olsen Gets an Elizabethan Makeover in Her ‘Windows’ Video

Angel Olsen

Now that Angel Olsen has released the deluxe edition of Burn Your Fire For No Witness, she’s also unveiled a new video for “Windows.” Directed by Rick Alverson, “Windows” first pictures Olsen in a Little House on the Prairie-type dress, where the singer/songwriter watches two kids play in a field for a while. Soon they all venture inside, where she lets them coat her face with handfuls of goo, and a shiny-faced Olsen morphs into an Elizabethan-era noblewoman, partlet and all. So, it’s like, rags-to-riches, right? Never mind — art is hard.

Watch the visuals above, and find the deluxe Burn Your Fire For No Witness on iTunes.