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Anderson Cooper Pokes Fun at Billy Corgan’s ‘PAWS Chicago’ Magazine Cover

Anderson Cooper Billy Corgan Paws Magazine Globalist Shill

Between his eight-hour drone pieces, tea criticism videos, and recording with Motley Crüe’s Tommy Lee, it’s become clear that Billy Corgan does pretty much whatever he wants. That sort of attitude will occasionally rub folks the wrong way, and the latest of those to take objection to the Smashing Pumpkins frontman’s attitude is none other than CNN’s Anderson Cooper. The news host dedicated a portion of a recent episode of Anderson Cooper 360 to poking fun at Corgan’s recent appearance on the cover of PAWS Chicago Magazine with his two cats.

In introducing the bit, Cooper announced that on the months-old cover that Corgan was “back and edgier than ever.” He said that the aging star’s recent antics suggest that singer/guitarist might be “off his alternative rocker,” but he went a step further saying that that Smashing Pumpkins’ classic Siamese Dream was “derivative” of My Bloody Valentine anyway.

Never one to take criticism lying down, Corgan fired back on Twitter on Friday.

“Sorry to disappoint, but when I’m not raising cain for a great organization like @PAWSchicago, I’m still making REAL music,” He tweeted. “I realize you’re too busy being a globalist shill to know the difference, but there are those of us who do as we like.”

For their own part, PAWS Chicago photoshopped Cooper’s head onto a dog magazine. You can watch the news segment.