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Alt-J Throw a Fancy Pool Party With a Dark Twist in ‘Left Hand Free’ Video

alt-j, left hand free, watch, video, pool party, shootout

The new, alternate video for Alt-J’s “Left Hand Free” seems like a suspiciously good time. A gaggle of beautiful people, likely children of the 1%, are throwing a massive pool party, shot in detailed slow motion. As they dance, make out, and pour champagne into the pool to Alt-J’s relaxed and slightly off-kilter song, we start to notice that something is amiss.

The pool is surrounded by well-dressed bodyguards armed with automatic weapons. And it’s a good thing too, because the video takes an abrupt turn towards the end. Maybe, just maybe, Alt-J and directors Directors Leblanc + Cudmore are trying to say something about the hedonistic lifestyles of the rich and the famous. Join the pool party/shootout above.