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Yusuf / Cat Stevens’ New Album, ‘Tell ‘Em I’m Gone,’ Is Streaming Right Now

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Next Monday, Yusuf — formerly known as Cat Stevens, of course — will release Tell ‘Em I’m Gone, his first studio album in five years. Fans eager for a glimpse of what the British legend has in store now have the chance to stream Yusuf’s whole album in full courtesy of NPR.

Made up of ten tracks, half of which are original works and half of which are covers, Tell ‘Em is a subdued tip of the hat to the blues and R&B songs Yusuf recently told Rolling Stone that he’d listen to as a child. It features a version of the grade-school music class staple, “You Are My Sunshine,” as well as serene new compositions including “Editing Floor Blues” and “Cat And The Dog Trap.”

Stream one of the songs, “The Devil Came From Kansas,” below, and check out Tell ‘Em in full via NPR.