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Weezer Ask Fans for Help With Next Career Move

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Everyday people have historically had at least a small role in helping musicians choose their next singles. Last fall, Katy Perry fans threw their weight behind “Dark Horse,” which the singer’s label noticed and subsequently pushed the trap-pop track to radio. Today, Weezer took that fan support to a new level with a Facebook poll that asks the question: “How much do you think each of these 3 songs would help Weezer’s career if released as the next single?”

The three tracks in question are “Ain’t Got Nobody,” “Da Vinci,” and “Go Away,” all taken from Rivers Cuomo and co’s recent release, Everything Will Be Alright In The End. You can rank each song on a scale of one (“least helpful single for Weezer”) to five (you get it). Vote now, and not like we wanna mess with the democratic process or anything, but if you wanted to put a hand up for the excellent “Go Away”—co-written by Best Coast frontwoman (and former SPIN cover star) Bethany Consentino—we wouldn’t object. Just sayin’.