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Todd Terje Wants to Sell You a Used 1981 Delorean

todd terje, delorean dynamite, music video, used car ad

Norwegian DJ Todd Terje is also a used-car salesman, apparently, and he has a new music video and one car left on the lot, with savings he wants to pass on to you! The video for “Delorean Dynamite,” a cut from his debut record, It’s Album Time, is also an ad for the titular vehicle.

The image of the 33-year-old car has already been used in Terje’s live sets (warming the hearts of Back to the Future fans, naturally), but now its owner is trying to get rid of the iconic 80’s ride. The seller — a man known only as Frank — teamed with director Espen Friberg to make this intentionally poor-quality music video/advertisement hybrid. Contact Frank at delor[email protected], or get more information about the car here if you’re interested in buying it — asking price is just over $42,000. Be warned: The information page is in Norwegian, as is the dialogue in the video.

Earlier this year, SPIN named Terje’s lone LP one of the Best Albums of 2014 So Far. Let’s see if his freshman outing as a car salesman is equally as successful.