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Thurston Moore’s ‘Speak to the Wild’ Plays Like Creepy Kurosawa

Thurston Moore, Speak To The Wild, Music Video, The Best Day

Thurston Moore’s new solo album, The Best Day, hits stores tomorrow via Matador after a month-long delay. In preparation for the full-length, the Sonic Youth co-founder has released the video for his sprawling, eight-minute track, “Speak To The Wild.”

Though it’s hard to figure out what’s happening from scene to the scene, the video loosely strings together some mother-child bonding moments with snippets of mysterious, hooded, cult-like figures who seem to have some vested interest in the kid. One of those creepy figures is revealed to have a shimmering face, not entirely unlike the protagonist from Calvin Harris’ recent “Slow Acid” video. There’s also some inexplicable backwards running.

In a statement on Matador’s website, the video’s director, Santiago Mostyn, had this to say:

I have the image of a character, a woman who could be a mother (slightly older, slightly wilder, like a silent Jenny Wilson) carrying a large and alien precious object into the forest and sequestering it there. It would be a narrative trajectory but with sublime interruptions – the cavity where she stashes the object filling with gold, painted figures following her through the trees, DIY-Kurosawa style.

We’ll allow it. Watch the video above and pick up Moore’s Best Day tomorrow.